Cycling Workout That Will Reduce Your 5km Time In Just 3 Weeks

Cycling Workout That Will Reduce Your 5km Time In Just 3 Weeks

Want to improve your 5km run time by doing just 30-minutes of intervals on the bike?

Thought you might…

For the runners and triathletes out there who want to reduce their 5km time by an average of 1-minute, you might want to start including this interval workout that has been researched by a group of researchers to reduce your 5km running time FAST!


Research published in the European Journal of Sport Science (Etxebarria et al., 2013) found that the following workout can lead to improved running performance with an average improvement of just over 1 minute during a 5km time trial.

What The Study Involved

Trained triathletes were split into two groups, one doing short intervals and one doing longer intervals looking at the effect of short intervals (9-11 x 10, 20, and 40s intervals) and longer intervals (6-8 x 5 min intervals) on cycling and running performance.

The Results

  • The group that completed the longer intervals that had a significant improvement in 5km run time, with an average improvement of just over 60seconds
  • The group that completed the shorter intervals improved also but wasn’t enough to be recorded by the researchers


The researchers concluded that both the short and longer intervals benefit 5km running performance.

However, the longer intervals were more likely to prove beneficial and provide the best results (reduction in 5km running time) than the shorter intervals.

How To Incorporate This Session Into Your Own Training

  • Warm-up for 5-10 minutes on the bike at an easy pace
  • 5 minutes followed by 1-minute rest x 6 (reduce intervals to 4-5 if you’re a beginner)
  • 5-10 minute warm-down at an easy pace


  • The intensity of the intervals should not be maximal and in the region of 88-92% of bike heart rate max / your threshold power
  • Recoveries should be kept short (60-90seconds) to around 50% of the effort intensity
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